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Faith Community Response to Elder Abuse

January 25, 2002.

Co-ordination of Senior Peer Counsellors, by Kim Eveleigh (not yet available)

Restorative Justice Approaches, by Arlene Groh

From Vulnerable to Venerable: Scriptural Perspectives on Aging and the Elderly, by Michael Knowles

Raising Awareness of Abuse of Older Persons, by Elizabeth Podneiks

The Centre on Religion and Aging at McMaster Divinity College was established to serve the needs of seniors in the church and society, and to help those who work with seniors to be more effective in ministry. The Centre’s current director is the Rev. Elmer G. Anderson. The Centre on Religion and Aging periodically offers workshops, seminars, and lectures both on and off the campus of McMaster University, as well as providing consultation and resources to pastors and churches. Previous annual conferences have included the following:

1996 - Worship with the Frail Elderly

1997 - Equipping Spiritual Caregivers

1998 - Spiritual Development in the Final Stages of Life

1999 - Seniors to Seniors: Pastoral Care

2000 - "Bruised Reeds and Dimly-Burning Wicks" — To Better Understand Alzheimer’s Disease

2001 - The Incredible Gifts of Aging: Women and Men and the Spirit Within

The seventh annual conference, entitled "Faith Community Response to Elder Abuse," was held at the Divinity College on January 25, 2002. The four major presentations from that conference are reproduced here in revised form:

"From Vulnerable to Venerable: Scriptural Perspectives on Aging and the Elderly," by Michael Knowles

"Raising Awareness of Abuse of Older Persons," by Elizabeth Podneiks

"Restorative Justice Approaches," by Arlene Groh

"Co-ordination of Senior Peer Counsellors," by Kim Eveleigh