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The Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith: Some Contemporary Reflections

The Worth of Worship


Yorkminster Park Theological Forum

The Yorkminster Park Theological Forum is intended as a means of intellectual refreshment and stimulus for interested clergy and lay people. It stems from the assumption that the Christian faith leads us not only into realms of activity and relationship, but also into the continuing search for meaning and truth. As a partner project between Yorkminster Park Baptist Church (1585 Yonge Street, Toronto) and McMaster Divinity College, the forum is broadly-based and ecumenical in focus, so as to be of benefit to clergy and lay people from a wide range of Christian traditions.

The initial Forum, offered during the Winter and early Spring of 1999, consisted of four lectures: "The Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith: Some Contemporary Reflections," by Richard N. Longenecker (February 11, 1999); "The Worth of Worship," by Michael Knowles (March 11, 1999); The Openness Model of Understanding God by Clark H. Pinnock (April 15, 1999), and "The Impact of Voluntarism on the Canadian Religious Landscape," by William H. Brackney (May 13, 1999). Two of these addresses are published here: the fourth, by Clark Pinnock, is being published in an amended form as "Divine Relationality: A Pentecostal Contribution to the Doctrine of God" in Journal of Pentecostal Theology 16 (April, 2000) <http://www.shef-ac-press.co.uk/jpt.cfm>

Michael Knowles


The Rev. Kerr Spiers

Minister of the Congregation (Ret.)

Yorkminster Park Baptist Church


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